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Investment Management

Three Pillars of Investment Management

Independent:  We are independent, which means we are not limited to one, single company.  This independence allows us to freely choose the best investment options for your situation.

Fiduciary:  We act as a fiduciary, which means we are obligated to act in your best interests.  We also price our services reasonably and transparently.

Custom:  We customize investment management to meet your needs, which means we do not offer “one size fits all” investment management.

5 Key Components of Investment Management

1. Planning:  The planning process helps us understand your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance.  The planning process also allows us to consider other factors such as future income needs and tax implications.  During this process, we use our independence and fiduciary responsibility to consider many possible solutions for you, including investment management services.

2. Custodian:  After you determine that investment management is right for your situation, we work with you to select a custodian.  A custodian is the company that holds and safeguards your investments.  This is the company that sends your account statements.  We have access to some of the largest and most recognized custodians in the financial services industry, including:


 3. Investment Portfolio:  Once a custodian has been selected, we work with you to build a portfolio customized for you based on your unique situation.  We focus on implementing a long-term strategy appropriate for your situation rather than attempting to “time the market.”  Our objective is to build a well-diversified portfolio positioned to pursue your financial goals rather than taking unnecessary risk.  We work with you to select an appropriate allocation for your portfolio among a variety of investments, which may include:

          ⦁ Stocks
          ⦁ Bonds
          ⦁ Mutual Funds
          ⦁ ETFs
          ⦁ Others as appropriate

4. Monitoring:  Once your investment portfolio is in place, we monitor your portfolio by continually evaluating its performance and holdings and making changes as necessary.  We also actively tax manage your portfolio using tools such as tax loss harvesting.  In addition, we regularly rebalance your portfolio to ensure that it continues to be well positioned to pursue your financial goals.

5. Service:  We regularly communicate your portfolio’s performance.  Per your preferences, we also meet regularly to discuss not only your portfolio’s performance but also many other financial aspects of your life.  We want to ensure the plan we worked with you to develop is up to date to reflect any changes in your goals or current situation.  This also allows us to proactively identify the impact to your plan of changes in taxes and other laws.